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Traveling the Circuit: John Street Church, New York
Posted by Charles Harrell on

“Philip, you must preach to us, or we shall all go to Hell together and God will require our blood at your hands!” Safe to say, this is not a typical reaction to seeing friends playing a hand of cards. Then again, Barbara von Ruckle Heck was not typical, either. A native of the Palatinate (part...

Traveling the Circuit: Willamette Heritage Center
Posted by Charles Harrell on

Methodism’s influence sometimes surfaces in surprising places and unexpected ways. If your education was like mine, you were taught that the first settlers in the Pacific Northwest in the wake of Lewis and Clark were the trappers and traders following the Columbia River, following lure of gold...

Traveling the Circuit: Historic St. George’s
Posted by Charles Harrell on

How wonderful the Dispensations of Providence! Surely the very hairs of our heads are all numbered. These words, taken from the journal of the Rev. Joseph Pilmore (or Pilmoor), John Wesley’s designated organizer for the Methodist societies in colonial America, celebrated the acquisition of the...

Traveling the Circuit: Barratt’s Chapel
Posted by Charles Harrell on

The plainness of this small, colonial-style chapel, set on a rise just east of Highway 1 near Frederica, belies its grander significance. If Lovely Lane in Baltimore is the “Mother Church of American Methodism”, here is where “Mom” got her first date with destiny. For it was from this brick...