Each year United Methodist clergy and congregations are to engage in an assessment process for increased effectiveness. These evaluations—when done in a spirit of love and desire to align ministry and leaders more fully with God’s purposes—can be a powerful tool that helps everyone get (or stay) on the same page and work together toward excellence.

About the Evaluation Forms

This evaluation is completed for each pastor serving in the church by the SPRC based in part on performance goals set in the previous year.

» The Lewis Center for Church Leadership has developed some free resources that help SPRCs improve their own understanding and skills in giving feedback.

» For more information about the appointment-making process, please review the SPRC Appointment Making Process Document.

Pastor/Deacon Self-Evaluation & Advisory Forms
There are two separate forms—one for Pastors (Clergy) and one for Deacons. These forms are completed by each pastor and/or deacon serving the church.

Pastoral Goals for 2024
These goals are used to evaluate the pastor each year. If your pastor is newly appointed, please refer to the goals that were created at the Pastor/SPRC Transition Workshop.


Use these worksheets to collect the necessary information you will need to complete the electronic forms in Arena. These are worksheets only. The forms must be completed in Arena.