Scouting Relationship Agreements

Since the formal update to BWC churches on Oct. 30, 2022, many BWC churches have completed all of the necessary steps to establish new relationship agreements with their Scouting units under one of the two recommended paths. These paths involve the transition of the Scouting unit to a “council-chartered” unit or a new traditional charter organization.

1.    Signed Affiliation Agreement

There are two versions of the Affiliation Agreements that provide different options for how the scouting equipment and materials are insured and managed. 

  • Affiliation Agreement-Version 1: A fillable PDF of Version 1 is available here.

  • Affiliation Agreement-Version 2: A fillable PDF of Version 2 is available here.

2.    Signed Facility Use Agreement

Facility Use Agreement: A fillable PDF is available online

With only a few weeks before the Dec. 31, 2022, deadline that was set for renewing the Scouting relationship agreements, it is essential that local churches with Scouting units be in direct conversation with their Scouting Area Council leadership and Scouting unit leaders to decide on the best path forward.

As we all look for the best path that will enable Scouting to continue to thrive in our communities, we ask that any questions or needs for additional information be directed to:

Paul Eichelberger
Treasurer & Director of Administrative Services
Phone: 410-309-3424

Rev. Dr. Ken Lyons
Scouting Coordinator
Phone: 410-674-6579