Quality of Life Retreats

Quality of Life Retreats offer a unique and holistic, participant-centered approach to educating, supporting and empowering people living with HIV. The four-day retreats offer participants important wisdom for living and coping with their illness and related challenges, as well as opportunities to connect socially and emotionally with others in similar situations.

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Quality of Life Retreats provide:

  • crucial health and disease management information,
  • insightful small-group dialogues and exercises,
  • community-building and morale-lifting activities,
  • optional gatherings for worship and spiritual nurture, and
  • ideal settings where participants can meet and mentor, engage and encourage one another through personal sharing.
Quality of Life Retreats for Persons Living with HIV 2023 Report

During the most devastating period of the HIV/AIDS crisis, those infected faced rejection, prejudice, and abandonment from the ignorance and fear of others.  In 1988, in response to the devastating scourge of AIDS, Quality of Life Retreats was launched to welcome and embrace infected persons.  The Quality of Life Retreats is rejoicing for 35 years of providing life-saving, life-changing hospitality and hope to thousands of persons living with HIV and AIDS.

Highlights of our past year:

August 2022--Sponsored our first in-person Latinx day retreat at Hughes UMC entitled "Reclaiming Your Life" ("Reclamando Tu Vida") in Spanish.
September 2022--Held our annual four-day retreat at Camp Manidokan entitled "Broken Yet Whole."
December 2022--Sponsored a World AIDS Day event at Salem UMC in Baltimore.  We were awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the City of Baltimore.
December 2022--Held our annual four-day retreat at the Washington Retreat House in DC entitled "Enjoy the Present, It's a Gift."
April 2023--Held a virtual retreat on "HIV and Medical Marijuana."
May thru July 2023--Outreached at the BWC Annual Conference, Swim for Life, Frederick, and Hagerstown Prides.
Future plans for 2023--Annual retreats at Manidokan and DC and another day Latinx retreat at Emmanuel UMC in Laurel entitled "Is God with Me?"

Even as treatment and living with HIV infection have dramatically improved and the faces and stories of QLR participants have changed to reflect the wide impact of AIDS, QLR has remained steadfast, serving and striving to show that there is a place for retreatants in the church.  In 2023 we celebrate the 150 retreats where more than 4000 HIV-positive persons have found a safe and supportive space to share their life stories.  We ask that you celebrate 35 years with us through your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.