Ministry of the Clergy

The clergy of the Baltimore-Washington Conference have responded to God’s call to live lives set apart for ministry alongside God’s people. Our conference has 918 clergy members. Half of these members are officially retired but continue to serve as mentors, colleagues, and in many other forms of ministry. One out of every five clergy serving congregations is a Licensed Local Pastor or Associate Member whose formal training may have come through a Course of Study. The remaining persons who have been ordained as Elders and Deacons serve along with commissioned members making their way through the process of Provisional Membership. About one-tenth of our ordained clergy serve in some alternative setting, either in the community beyond the local church or in Extension Ministry through the larger United Methodist Connection.

The Board of Ordained Ministry and the Center for Vital Leadership provide a number of resources for people in all stages of ministry. For more information, explore the pages linked below or contact .

Board of Ordained Ministry (BOOM)
District Committees on Ministry (DCOMs)
Candidacy: Exploring Your Calling
Clergy Education and Training