Ministry Relationships

The Ministry Relationship Oversight Committee (MROC) of the Baltimore-Washington Conference (BWC) is to review, recommend and oversee the process for entities seeking to establish a ministry relationship with the BWC. The MROC will review and monitor those entities that have entered into a Ministry Relationship Agreement with the BWC. The MROC is a standing committee of the Discipleship Council.

Application and Approval Process

The first step for entities seeking to establish a ministry relationship with the BWC is to complete the Ministry Relationship Application. The application should demonstrate that the relationship will: (a) further the mission and purpose of the BWC; (b) provide a unique ministry or service within the bounds of the BWC; and (c) not financially obligate the BWC or its resources except as may be specifically defined in the Ministry Relationship Agreement.

» View a diagram of the application and approval process.

The MROC will:

  • Review and evaluate the application and present recommendations to the Discipleship Council.
  • Request additional information as needed.
  • Brief the Discipleship Council on all ministry relationship actions taken.
  • Notify the submitting organization of approval or disapproval of the application for presentation to the Annual Conference for a Ministry Relationship Agreement.
  • Collaborate with the organization to draft the Ministry Relationship Agreement.
  • Submit all proposed Ministry Relationship Agreements to the Bishop and the Conference Chancellor for review prior to presentation to the Annual Conference.

No agreement may become effective prior to approval by the BWC Annual Conference.

Send completed applications and questions regarding this process to .

Monitoring Ministry Relationships

Each ministry relationship shall be reviewed annually by the MROC to determine compliance with the terms of that agreement.

MROC Membership

Seven voting members including:

  • Representative from the Discipleship Council
  • Representative from Council on Finance and Administration
  • Representative of the Board of Trustees
  • Four at-large members of the conference
  • Ex-officio: Director of Connectional Ministries, Assistant to the Bishop