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Traveling the Circuit #12: Odelltown Church
Posted by Charles Harrell on

If your travels take you to upstate New York or northern Vermont, it might just be worth your time to slip across the frontier to where some significant landmarks of Canadian Methodism await the modern “circuit rider.” One of these is the Odelltown Church, located in the Lacolle...

Traveling the Circuit #11: Old Hay Bay Church
Posted by Charles Harrell on

By Charles L. Harrell the old hay bay church On the shore of an inlet off Lake Ontario stands a stout but charming frame building, the oldest structure of the United Church of Canada.  Known as the Old Hay Bay Church, it was actually founded as a Methodist chapel, the first...

Traveling the Circuit: Bridgetown Church
Posted by Charles Harrell on

On the edge of Queen Anne's County, Maryland, close to the geographical center of the Delmarva Peninsula, stands a tiny but significant sentinel of Methodist history. If walls could speak, the stories these could tell would surely make for a dramatic miniseries. It's not the first...

Traveling the Circuit: Dudley's Chapel
Posted by Charles Harrell on

In Queen Anne County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore stands one of the oldest Methodist chapels in America. It was built in 1783 along Red Lyon Branch on a 1.5-acre parcel known as “Sarah’s Portion” that had been donated by Joshua Dudley, a local farmer.  Dudley’s Chapel – earlier known as Queen...

Traveling the Circuit: Rehoboth Church and Museum
Posted by Charles Harrell on

Edward Keenan’s conversion to the warm-hearted religion of the Methodists occurred about twenty miles away from the picturesque hollow where Old Rehoboth Church has sat for more than two hundred years.  Keenan, a Roman Catholic immigrant from Ireland who had long been well-disposed toward the...