Annual Conference Resolutions due

Friday, February 16, 2024

The following are guidelines and a format for submitting a resolution to be considered by the members of the 2024 Annual Session of the Baltimore-Washington Conference, to be held May 29-31 in Baltimore.

The resolution should address a single issue. The deadline is Feb. 16. Submissions should go to the Conference Secretary, Kevin Silberzahn.

Please use the following format when submitting a resolution:

Title: [Short title that indicates the subject matter of the resolution.]

Budget Implications: [Insert “none” if there are none; otherwise, consult in advance with the Council on Finance and Administration and insert their recommendation here. Indicate any disagreement between the resolution writer and CFA.]

Rationale: [Insert a brief description of why the resolution is important and/or needed and should be adopted by the annual conference.]   

Submitted by: [Insert name and conference affiliation (i.e., church membership or Conference agency) of the primary submitter(s) of the resolution. For instance, if the resolution is jointly submitted by more than one committee, indicate each as follows: [name of chair], on behalf of the [name of committee]. If the resolution has co-sponsors of various members, please include the name of the primary person submitting the resolution here and include co-sponsors at the end of the document.

RESOLUTION: [Include the purpose and action items of the resolution. Be succinct and address only a single issue.]

EFFECTIVE DATE: [Insert the proposed effective date of the resolution.]

CO-SPONSOR(S): [Insert the name(s) of co-sponsors, if any. If none, delete this section.]

Additional recommendations and reminders:
  • Submit electronically to the Conference Secretary Kevin Silberzahn.
  • Do not use Track Changes.
  • Contact, in advance:
    • Daryl Williams, Chair of CFA, if the resolution has financial implications
    • Mark Gorman, Chair of Rules Committee, if the resolution seeks to amend the Rules of the Session. 

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