Central Maryland District

Central Maryland at a Glance

  • Churches: 73
  • Active clergy appointed to a local church/mission initiative: 91
  • Active clergy appointed to extension ministry: 15
  • Number of professing members: 20,183
  • Average Worship Attendance: 7,129
  • Number of professions of faith: 295 professions + 56 reaffirmations
  • Number of people in mission: 11,873


District Committees

Board of Church Locations and Buildings
Dayle Walden Hall, Chair

District Committee on Ordained Ministry
Rev. Jim Miller, Chair
Rev. Bonnie Hawk
Rev. Claire Matheny
Rev. Phil Ayers
Rev. Brenda Lewis
Janet Fujikawa, Laity
Rev. Kathryn Woodrow
Rev. Ken Hawes
Rev. Tim Dowell
Geoff Kaiser, Laity
Rev. Lynn Nulton
Bettye Ames, Laity
Rev. Dae Sung Park
Rev. Rod Fry
Rev. Daniel Mejia

District Committee on Superintendency
Rev. Phil Ayers, Chair

District Lay Leadership
District Lay Leader, vacant
Pam Plummer, Lay Servant Ministries Director
Linda Flanagan, Director of Lay Servant Ministries
Alden English, District President, United Methodist Men
District President, United Women in Faith, vacant

District Move Coordinator
Rev. William Maisch

District Youth Coordinator
Rev. Tammi Brantley
Amy Nesonger, District Youth Leader