Baltimore Metro District

Baltimore Metropolitan at a Glance

  • Churches: 77
  • Active clergy appointed to a local church/mission initiative: 71
  • Active clergy appointed to extension ministry: 4
  • Number of professing members: 18,716
  • Average Worship Attendance: 6,685
  • Number of professions of faith: 403
  • Number of people in mission: 5,834


District Committees

Buildings and Locations
Pastor Dane Woods, Chair
410-433-6650 x 105

Committee on Superintendency

District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOM)
Rev. Jason Jordan Griffin, Chair

District Co-Lay Leaders
Darrell Taylor
Chuck Conjar

District Lay Servant Ministries Co-Directors
Elizabeth Stemley
Ettadean Hyman

Director of Lay Servant Ministries
Linda Flanagan

United Methodist Men
Bryon Gould,
District President

United Methodist Women
Gwendolyn Brooks,
District President