Dare to Dream of a Brighter Future for ALL Children

08.01.16 | Young Peoples Ministry, Advocacy and Action | by Aria Kirkland-Harris

    By Aria Kirkland-Harris, Regional Director at The Expectations Project

     Aria Kirkland-Harris of The Expectations Project dares people of faith to love and care enough about our children that we work to close the achievement gap—including addressing the trauma that children in poverty carry with them. Share this video from the 2016 Leadership Days (and the others in the Daring Conversations series) with your leaders or in your small groups as you wish. We have provided some questions for reflection following the video.

    What are the needs for closing the achievement gap in your local schools?

    Aria talked about faithful advocacy needs specifically for those children who are living in poverty. What can you and your church do to become an advocate?

    Learn more about advocacy work at The Expectation Project.