Triduum: Journey to the Cross and Beyond

As the sacred drama of Holy Week unfolds, we are called to be participants in that holy story. How do we journey with Jesus through the last supper and how will we stand at the foot of the cross? What words do we cry out to heaven?  And how does God, with unexpected grace, respond?

We Beseech Thee

​​Holy God,
Fear again permeates the air as bullets and words rip through flesh and confident facades, leaving shrapnel and security in their wake.
Calm us, Holy God.

Terror traces the globe and pierces the everyday joy of ordinary people who have not transacted in violence nor traded in deceit.
Hold us, Holy God.

Hatred brews in the hearts of men and women and boils over into the rage of miscellaneous murder and maiming and mayhem, never counting the cost.
Cleanse us, Holy God.

Dealing in death has become a common occurrence and our minds have grown numb to the taking of lives and carnage in our streets.
Wake us, Holy God.

We blame others for the disappointments of our lives rather than looking inward and owning our own decisions and mistakes and missteps.
Focus us, Holy God.

Prophets and preachers and politicians and pundits have too often been distracted by the shiny objects of nothingness, rather than shining a light into the darkness, casting out lies and revealing your truth.
Speak to us, Holy God.

We are soul-sick and heart-sick and yet continue to turn to panaceas that do not heal, will not release, and cannot loose.
Heal us, Holy God.

Help us God, even if we do not ask, for it is clear that we cannot help ourselves. Amen.

– by LaTrelle Miller Easterling

In this holy time consider:
  • What part of the story of Jesus’ last week on earth most resonates with you? 
  • What are the modern-day Calvaries that face our world? 
  • What might the stories of Holy Week awaken in your faith community this year?