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How can we keep from singing?
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By Sarah Dorrance* What does singing praise in church look like as we come out of quarantine? For that matter, what will choirs and music academies do without the gift of song being united in vocal artistry?  While none of us know that answer, we do know that Germany, in coming out of...

Webinar address disparities during coronavirus
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by Erik Alsgaard The coronavirus does not affect everyone the same. As more people become infected and, sadly, die, the death rates among African Americans, Latinos, and others are disproportionate to their numbers in the general population. In Washington D.C., the rate of death per 100,000...

A reason to believe
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by Daryl Williams*  Where is your God now? It was the question that leaped off the screen as I caught up with a high school friend not too long ago. This friend wasn’t being malicious but was genuinely curious about how I, as a person of faith, was dealing with this unprecedented...

Resurrection hope
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by Mandy Sayers*  Being a pastor is wonderful and difficult, as most things God calls us to do can be. And one of the gifts of this calling is that we are part of a fellowship of Elders or Deacons, called to support one another and pray for one another.  Sometimes, however, it can...