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Event focuses on discerning a call from God
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Everybody hears the call of God differently. In the Bible, the child Samuel was awakened by a voice in the night; the apostle Paul was knocked off his horse. In early Methodism, John Wesley’s heart was strangely warmed, and, in the Baltimore-Washington Conference, God is calling teenagers...

Churches give generously to shared mission
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Connectional giving in the Baltimore-Washington Conference is strong. In 2018, 83.6 percent, or 521 of the conference’s 623 churches, paid 100 percent of their mission shares and the overall collection rate was 90.6 percent. Speaking at a meeting of the Council on Finance and...

Change Makers create new kind of church
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Change-makers gather The church must rediscover its relevance, the Change-makers believe. It has the resources, it has the good ideas. It has the will and the way. What it is missing is imagination. And so, they offer opportunities for people to get out of their contexts and into their...

Campus Ministry relies on Student Day gifts
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United Methodist Student Day is Nov. 25. On this Special Sunday, churches are asked to take up a Special Offering to support scholarships nationally, and to assist four area campus ministries using this link. Half of the amount collected will go to scholarships and the other half to BWC campus...

Lovely Lane UMC brings art into sacred spaces
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Ever since humans etched their story on caves more than 35,000 year ago, art and sacred space have been intertwined in human history. From its creation in 1884, Lovely Lane UMC in Baltimore has recognized this relationship. Recently, they moved to intentionally strengthen the link between art...

Shrine looks at how history illuminates today
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Marian Gottee, the Tour Guide Coordinator at Strawbridge Shrine, plays the piano during the Shrine's annual meeting. The called session of General Conference in February is raising many questions about the future of The United Methodist Church. Members of the Strawbridge Shrine Association are...