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BWC innovators create new realities for church
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Since 2017, the Baltimore-Washington Conference has been involved in initiatives that empower imaginative thinking to create missional entrepreneurship. This movement uses sound and innovative business principles to ignite new ways of creating bold and innovative ministries that respond to the...

Daughter honors her mother's pioneering ministry
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Women's History Month is always a celebration I embrace as an African American Woman. I marvel and reflect with heartfelt appreciation on how I feel for the women warriors who have fought and continue to fight for equality and well-deserved recognition. However, this year I am compelled to...

Action Alert: Protect Asylum Rights and Keep Families Together
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“We recognize, embrace, and affirm all persons, regardless of country of origin, as members of the family of God...We oppose immigration policies that separate family members from each other or that include detention of families with children, and we call on local churches to be in...