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Missionary Corner: Nan and Miguel July

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Greetings dear friends,

Nan and MiguelEverything is going well for us after 11 days with GYTTE in Puebla, Mexico. The people, especially the staff, are terrific. We have spent some time with two members of the GYTTE Board and they are also wonderful. 

The best experience was being included in the Annual Conference, July 12 - 14. At this Annual Conference (CASE - South East Annual Conference) we met people, it seemed, from nearly half of Mexico as this Conference of 102 churches includes 7 states including the Yucatan. 

Raquel BalbuenaAt the end of the first day, they had elections for Bishop. It was exciting to be in the election of the first woman! We discovered that the new bishop, Raquel Balbuena has been practically a daughter to the Hendersons and a sister to the team.  She is from Tlancualpican and began working there at about age fifteen. She was one of the first two scholarship students and was able to attend seminary. Most recently she served as a superintendent.  The GYTTE team here all appear to know her well and respect her very much. To the right, she is preaching at Conference.

And of course, it is also amazing to be here for the hope around the election of the new president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. He will take office December 1.

Clara Palacios, a long-time member of the GYTTE staff, put together an excellent presentation for the Annual Conference about GYTTE and David, a member of the Board, presented it. For us it was the best presentation of the entire conference!  Many of you know that the GYTTE team is very capable! 

We will be in the learning phase for quite some time. Please continue to communicate with GYTTE through Clara and Ivonne, thanks.  We are excited that Terry Henderson will visit here with his pastor the first week of August; we will have a team from Brentwood UMC in September accompanying the women as they learn to be health promoters; in October we will have a group from Pennsylvania accompanied by Rev. Marian Hartman; in November she will return with the Cabinet from the Susquehanna Annual Conference and in January we will have more of God's love shared with us through people from Susquehanna. 

We hope that some of you will begin planning work-study trips from your church to GYTTE. If any of you would like to join a group coming from Susquehanna in October please get in touch with Rev. Marian Hartman, DS in the Conference. She has brought groups many times. Her email is:

Please consider sharing wtih GYTTE through ADVANCE No. 07629ª, thank you.

In God’s love, Nan and Miguel