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'For Such a Time as This'
Posted by Wanda Duckett on

As the Baltimore-Washington celebrated the installation of Bishop Latrelle Easterling, and begins to “listen to a new voice,” the Rev. Wanda Bynum Duckett shared a spoken word piece at a brunch for the new bishop on Oct. 1. See a video of “For Such a Time as This.”

UMC: We need you again
Posted by Guest Author on

Dear Church: Just in case no one has ever told you, allow me to be the one. We need you more than our egos, pride, and “church-hurt” inflected mindsets and experiences will allow us to admit. I’m sure that by this point you’ve heard #TerenceCrutcher, who I intentionally...

'To live to God:' Asbury in America
Posted by Guest Author on

At the 160th meeting of the Baltimore-Washington Conference Historical Society, John Strawbridge provided an illuminating look into the mind and heart of Bishop Francis Asbury and his ministry that spanned 300,000 miles and brought forth a Church in the New World. The meeting was held Sept. 10...

The word is… remember
Posted by Guest Author on

Ancient church mothers and fathers often greeted one another with the phrase, “Give me a word.” This greeting led to the sharing of insights and wisdom. Today we continue this tradition with this monthly column.

Worthless Offerings: A sermon for this season
Posted by Guest Author on

In a season when violence, political distrust and general uneasiness fill the headlines, the Rev. Thomas Brunkow, a retired Elder in the Baltimore-Washington Conference, shared these thoughts in a recent sermon. He notes the biblical truth that strength comes in loving one another and deep...

End the Culture of Violence
Posted by Guest Author on

Black and Brown Americans live with the existential terror they will be shot by a criminally motivated police officer. After the night of terror in Dallas, good police officers find themselves anxious about being targeted by disturbed snipers with semi-automatic rifles.