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Spoken Word: BWC Zimbabwe 2017

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By Sharon Milton (Inspired by the Holy Spirit)

I can relate to the looks on their faces, when they open that email
Once again God had come through, yeah He never fails

In that letter was a great invitation
I would say yes, without any hesitation

The Bishop has invited you to be part of her team
Eyes has not see, exactly what this really means

We would be part of the delegation to Zimbabwe
God is good, that's all that I could say

2017 is the year of the Pastors School
Heading to Africa U, with all of our spiritual tools

Some had been before, still wanting so much more
Others journey for the first, excited God had opened up them doors

Grateful for Joyce and Debra, for all the work they did in the back
Maidstone had logistics,making sure we never ever lacked

July 16 we arrived safely to the motherland
Thanking Jesus for having that plane in His very hands 

We were on assignment to teach some pastors
They came from all across Africa, spiritual food they were after 

Joe led the team, preparing for a shift,
He made sure we were all teaching in our gifts 

Early morning start, ready for registration
Madelyn, Charity, Rita, and Catherine, led the way, filled with dedication 

It all started with those Opening Remarks
Bishop on the mic, Holy Ghost fire she had sparked 

How are we guided, can you explain?
Maidstone and Emma showed all in the Book of Discipline 

Bible Studies led by Kirkland, Wanda and Conrad
Some of the best spiritual food, we had ever had 

How do were reach out and get some church support
Marlon, Paul and Gladman, made sure in the church we will always have hope 

Here comes Marion not feeling too well,
But Leading together with Melissa R, you could never tell 

In their session, took time to explain
Why in our studies, we should be more discipline 

Miles, Kunda and Sharon, screaming give Youth and Young Adult a chance
We heard in those breakout groups, some really took a stance 

We'll let Lena teach them about church school,
Hope we listen and follow Wesley three simple rules 

How can we serve and prepare for Gods shift
Here comes Sarah and Joe with all our spiritual gifts 

Than came the topic that would be number 10
After this session all the teaching, it would end 

Trying to manage a project and not getting paid
Here comes Rachel and Tim showing where to get aid 

There was another part of this African Vision
It would take us to the hills to be all about God's mission 

Tim would lead with a prophetic word
Making sure our brothers and sisters needs, we had really heard 

Let's help build that church up on that hill
We all know it's part of Our Fathers Will 

We are the church so many ways to connect
Let's stop and seek God, prepare for what's next 

Melissa L had us covered taking pictures in the mix
Every chance I got you know I pulled out the selfie stick

Gerry at the orphanage it brought back memories,
Paul already thinking about how we can meet all the needs, 

Lyndsey, Kim, Jorge on the van bumping through rocky roads
Donna would soon find out that outside bathroom, was umm kinda cold 

Children everywhere, beautiful smiling faces
Those midweek worship services our hands we were raising 

So much has happened in just a few days,
But I do believe God has had His way 

So many getting sick, just not feeling the same
But we spoke healing all in Jesus name! 

Thousands miles away God has connected us to Africa
Holy Spirit filled and His purpose we are after, 

What was our purpose this we must know
Because God has so much more in stored 

Don't let this go by as just another trip,
Don't let the devil steal what God has equipped 

We have been called for a time such as this,
If we are not focus, our purpose we will miss 

We must all Stop, Pray, Fast, seek Gods voice
remove yourself from all of the world loud noise 

Listen clearly for the Holy vision, than walk in it without any division

Thanking The Bishop and BW conference for making a way,
Giving God the glory, for changing our lives today

God is doing a brand new thing in front of our very eyes
Don't listen to the devil he is just filled with more lies

Our lives will never be the same, 
God has called us out exactly by name 

When you go back make sure you tell your story
And when you do it give God all of the glory