Circles of Love

Circles of Love are 
a time of holy conferencing and transformational conversations.

Immediately following Bible Study on Thursday, June 1, we will enter a time of holy conferencing and transformational conversations called Circles of Love. Around designated tables of no more than ten people, this will be a sacred (set apart) time for us to have honest and respectful conversations rooted in who we are as disciples of Jesus Christ and how we can unconditionally hold loving space for each other in this particular season in the life of the Church and beyond.

We will co-create an experience of why we must and how we can stay at the table together even when we disagree. In so doing, we will take the needed steps toward rebuilding connection and relationship for more healthy holy conferencing.

Each table will have a Table Host (centering voice), guidelines for these conversations, and prompting questions to undergird us. All voting members of the Annual Conference will be randomly assigned to tables and are invited to join us with open minds and hearts. Non-voting members may participate with a neighbor in their areas as desired.

We hope and pray that these conversations will be a source of revival and renewal for each of us in all the ways that make a difference.