AC 2022 Consent Calendar

Pursuant to our Rules, the reports from all program and administrative committees have been placed on the consent calendar. These reports can be found online. (No action item, resolution or petition is included on the consent calendar.) These items do not require Conference action and will be received for inclusion in the Conference Journal without further reference.

An item may be removed from the consent calendar by submitting an email request to the Conference Secretary. When the secretary receives 10 written requests to remove an item, it will be taken off the Consent Calendar and brought to the Conference plenary session for debate and a vote. 

These requests must be made to the Conference Secretary, Kevin Silberzahn, before 5:40 p.m. on June 1. Contact him at 

Items on this year’s consent calendar include reports from:

Discipleship Reports:

Overview of Discipleship Ministries
Leadership Development Board
     Conference Board of Laity
     Certified Lay Ministry
New Faith Expressions Board
Action and Advocacy Board
     Deaf Ministries & Accessibility Ministries
     Gun Violence Prevention
     Restorative Justice
Wellness and Missions Board
     Quality of Life Retreats
Young People’s Ministry Board
     Campus Ministries
     Retreat and Camping
Committee on Hispanic-Latino Ministries
Global Partnerships
     Eurasia Committee
     Zimbabwe Area
Commission on Archives and History, Historical Society and Strawbridge Shrine

Stewardship Reports:

Board of Trustees
Moving Committee

Leadership Reports:

Discipleship Council
General and Jurisdictional Conference Delegation
We Rise United