What is MissionInsite?

01.13.15 | Leader Development, New Faith Expressions | by Jo Chesson

    MissionInsite provides instant access to in-depth demographic information about your community (a.k.a., your mission field) drawing on Census, Experian and Quadrennium Project data. There are many different reports available which planning and leadership teams have found invaluable. In addition to data and trends on population, phase of life, racial/ethnic groups, and education levels, MissionInsite reports also include feedback on behaviors, attitudes, lifestyles, and values. See screenshots for some ideas of what types of analysis is available.

    The system also provides the ability for local churches to upload and plot active members and participants on your map. This functionality allows congregations to:

    • Analyze similarities and differences between the congregation and community.
    • Understand the current and potential giving in the congregation.
    • Create a common language for exploring next steps of faithfulness and fruitfulness.

    Recognizing the importance of community outreach, the Baltimore-Washington Conference has granted all its churches access to MissionInsite--this is an example of your apportionment dollars at work. If you are new to MissionInsite, and do not have a username or password, click here and follow the steps for registering.