06.01.22 | Leader Development, Congregational Development, Center for vital leadership

    If you don’t pay attention to the shifts taking place in the community in which your church is located, soon the church will become disconnected and irrelevant. Catalyst congregations used the ComparativeInsite reports to better understand their communities and to begin experimenting with what and who God might be calling them to.

    Listen to some of them share what they discovered in those reports:

    You too can benefit from MissionInsite ComparativeInsite reports

    • Follow this step-by-step guide
    • Bring your reports and at least one person from church with you on Saturday, June 25, from 9 a.m.-noon to discover how to apply the data to your congregation.
    • Reach out to your dMAP team for help. Each team has at least one Missioninsite Analyst. 
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