Self-Harm and Suicide Prevention

02.05.20 | Young Peoples Ministry, Wellness and Missions

    Self-harm is a reality that impacts youth and families. It can be difficult trying to address this tough issue. Here are some resources that may be helpful.

    Media Viewing:

    Podcast: What is self-harm?

    Willow Smith Reveals Previous Struggles with Self-Harm

     Fact Sheets:

     Mental Health Conditions Related Conditions – Self-Harm

    Self-Harm Statistics and Facts

    Getting a Handle on Self-Harm (New York Times, 2019)

    Social Media and Suicide Prevention

    Media/Photo Essay:

    I Been Taking My Time (Logic Song on Suicide Prevention/Mental Health Support)

    Immigrant Suicides

    “I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This” (Baltimore City Immigrant Suicides, 4 in one month)  

    Suicide Prevention Photo Essay Portraits from Survivors--Resilience

    Crisis lines and location resources: 

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 2018 PSA

    Adolescent Self-Injury

    Self-Harm Crisis Textline