Blessed to Be a BLESSing Bookmark

03.30.15 | Leader Development | by Stan Cardwell

    Submitted by Stan Cardwell

    We are teaching the BLESS model to help people do discipleship formation "in the field." Discipleship is not learned in the classroom; we are formed by what we do.

    This is inspired in part by Alan Hirsch - writer and Jewish convert who proposes that Judeo discipleship called for action that forms beliefs.

    Here's the text from the bookmark which is included as a word document for your congregation's use.

    Jesus’ commissioned us to make disciples – passing on a kingdom ethic and lifestyle from one follower to another. Discipleship formation is not a classroom activity. It's meant to be done on the road and in life. Prayer and Bible reflection call us outward to love, serve and share – to BLESS. Let's BLESS our world and in the process become the disciples Jesus wants us to be.

    B - Bless three people* weekly. Blessing means speaking (or writing) something good into someone's life. It is encouragement, compliments, something valuable you see in another (this gets to be very fun, very quickly - you don't have to stop at three!)

    L - Listen for God's wisdom/guidance daily - start your day with quiet time with God and his Word (SOAP) then open yourself to hearing God throughout your day. Listening involves simply walking through your day with an awareness that God speaks in many different ways and circumstances. Listen for His voice and His leading through conversations, your reading, your prayer and your interaction with others.

    E – Eat. Share a meal time or beverage with three people* weekly. There is an epidemic of aloneness and invisibility in our world, and time over a shared meal or cup of coffee is remarkably connective and a simple way to be part of overcoming it. Invite in or dine out – just do it.

    S- Serve. Intentionally give your time to serving at church and some person/organization outside the church weekly. Jesus came not to be served, but to serve and He did it in remarkably meaningful ways. People and organizations are often incredibly open about sharing ways we can serve that are meaningful to them.

    S - Share your resources - be generous with all that God has given you - your home (practice hospitality), money (practice first-fruit giving), your stuff (don't be afraid to let others borrow when a need arises). Live simply - live with less so that others can have more.

    * can be a person or a family - choose one from church, one from outside our church, and one more as God directs after the first two.