Background Checks

One of the most important ways to protect your ministry with children and youth is to complete a background check on all adults who participate in ministry and/or programs that relate to children, youth and vulnerable adults. Background checks through our two vendors are confidential, thorough and customized for safe sanctuaries. They offer online services in one to two days’ turnaround time. Records are stored online and easily sorted by name, date of background check and will notify you when a new background check should be ordered. BWC Safe Sanctuaries procedures recommend a background check every five years for adults working with children and youth. Ordering background checks on all adults working with children and youth is the number one safety recommendation to protect your youth, your adults and your congregation.

Recommended Background Check Vendors


Both companies offer online services and comparable pricing.  A basic Safe Sanctuaries background check consists of the following:

  • SSN Verification and Address History
  • National Criminal Database Search
  • National Sex Offender Search
  • Re-verification of criminal records
  • Alias Names

Where to begin

  1. Go to the Trak-1 or Protect My Ministry website and fill out a request to open a new an account. Be sure to list the Baltimore-Washington Conference of The United Methodist Church along with your church name.
  2. A representative from the vendor will contact you by phone or e-mail to walk you through the process of opening an account.
  3. Request the basic Safe Sanctuaries background check.
  4. The companies also offer Safe Sanctuaries training, videos, forms and screening programs at additional costs. These are not required.
  5. If you have any questions/problems with opening an account or pricing, contact .
  6. Have each person fill out a background check authorization form before you order the background check.

Once the vendor account is set up, you may begin ordering backing checks and feel safer that you are complying with the number one safety recommendation to protect your ministry with children and youth.