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Center Honors Black Methodists’ History
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A church is not a building, but a group of people coming together with shared values. Part of the rich story of Methodism includes African Americans who chose to stay with the denomination despite being sometimes excluded or treated unfairly. Archivists hope churches and families will donate...

BWC giving reaches 91.7%; 15-year high
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“91.66 percent!” The Council on Finance and Administration meeting are usually serious times of reporting and reflection. However, in the recent meeting on apportionment giving in 2015, the numbers danced. They literally twirled in the PowerPoint presentation.

The word is…. lift
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Ancient church mothers and fathers often greeted one another with the phrase, “Give me a word.” This greeting led to the sharing of insights and wisdom. Today we continue this tradition with this monthly column.

BOOM statement on its recommendation
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From its beginning, Methodism has had a rich appreciation for theological diversity. John Wesley recognized what sociologists are now beginning to measure with great precision: that organizational systems which intentionally foster and celebrate diversity of all sorts are healthier and more...