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CM District News, Events and Updates ~ July 9, 2020

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SAVE THE DATE—236th BWC Annual Conference:

• Mark your calendar for the 236th annual session of the Baltimore-Washington Conference which, will be held online on Sept. 12, get more details at https://www.bwcumc.org/event/1822549-2020-09-12-annual-conference-session/

BeADisciple.com Courses:
• These courses will help you renew your status as a Certified Lay Servant, Certified Lay Speaker, or Certified Lay Minister—https://www.beadisciple.com/lay-servant-ministries/

Local Pastors and Wesley Course of Study Schedule:
Fall classes will be online.  To learn more, local pastors can go to https://www.wesleyseminary.edu/course-of-study-current-students/ 

Previously recorded BWC webinars:
• BWC YouTube Channel—Playback Training Tuesdays and Advocacy and Action presentations—https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzjja0KEoJl9dHRQX1e5g2rQTECnxej80

• Youth Ministry Rx Webinars—Find previous recordings  at https://www.bwcumc.org/youth-ministry-rx//


Re-Entering Well Resources
• Find the Re-Entering Well Guidelines (https://www.bwcumc.org/article/re-entering-well-guidelines/)

• View the Re-Entering tip sheets (https://www.bwcumc.org/article/re-entering-well/)  

Racial Injustice Resources 
• Bishop Easterling's Juneteenth address (https://www.bwcumc.org/news-and-views/the-church-must-rise-against-racism/)

• As churches begin to more deeply discern their response to anti-racism, leadership teams are encouraged to take the online Implicit Association Test on race (https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html) and use the Implicit Bias Workbook (https://www.gcorr.org/implicit-bias-workbook/) to discuss the results as a team and then follow-up with relevant actions.

• Find Resources on Racial Justice here—https://www.bwcumc.org/ministries/advocacy-action/racial-justice/

Fund Balance Report Deadline Extended
• The 2019 Annual Fund Balance Report deadline has been extended to August 31, 2020. There are two ways to submit the report, email the attached file to or log-in to Arena (https://arenaweb.bwcumc.org/).

Who can see/complete a Fund Balance report in Arena?
• Church Finance Chair/President
• Church Treasurer
• Church Pastor (under construction)
• Church Administrator (must be logged in with Church Arena Account credentials)

BWC News
• Find current BWC news and share your stories at https://www.bwcumc.org/news/ 

Church Resources
• Where do you go to get a grant or loan for your church? There are resources to help you and your church. Visit https://www.bwcumc.org/administration/local-church-resources/

Coronavirus Resources 
 A number of resources are available to assist local churches in their response to the Coronavirus—https://www.bwcumc.org/article/coronavirus-resources/ 

County Summer Food Distribution Centers
Share with your congregants through your electronic newsletters and church bulletins

• Frederick County—http://district.schoolnutritionandfitness.com/frederickcountyschoolsfoodandnutrition/files/Summer%20Meal%20times%20and%20locations.pdf
• Howard County—https://www.cac-hc.org/programs-services/food-assistance/ and FoodPantries.org for a listing of pantries in Columbia, MD—https://www.foodpantries.org/ci/md-columbia
• Montgomery County—https://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/coronavirus/meals/#emergencymeals