Who Are We Resources

Part One:

Week 1: Exploring the Nature of God

Week 2:  Learning Lessons from the Garden

Week 3: Remembering our Story

Week 4: Embracing God’s Many Names

Week 5: Visioning and Prophesying

Week 6: Liberating


Part Three:

Week 1: Hope Born Out of History: The Cradle of Methodism

Week 2: Hope Born Out of History: Law and Grace

Week 3: Hope Born Out of History: Our Struggles

Week 4: Hope Born Out of History: Telling the Whole Truth

Week 5: Hope Born Out of History: Our Missional Impact

Week 6: Hope for Our Next Steps

  • Week 6 of the third part of Who are We as the people of the Baltimore-Washington Conference was being recorded just as the coronavirus pandemic descended.
  • For those who do not wish to wait for the final video, we encourage you to hold a conversation that encourages participants to look back over the past sessions and summarize the past and present will shape our shared future. The BWC’s vision is “Transformed Lives Transform Live.” How does this vision speak to your journey from head to heart?