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    Living Well Retreats: Mind
    11.10.20 | Clergy Care

    Renewing your Mind Step away from your regular daily pattern to re-discover the abundant mercy of God in your world. We will take a journey into Romans 12:1-2, to "renew our minds in mercy" in the morning. In the afternoon, we will practice...

      Living Well Retreats: Strength
      11.10.20 | Clergy Care

      Reviving your Strength Are you finding it hard to physically keep up with the demands of ministry? If your answer to this question is, "yes," then this retreat is for you. Care for our body is just as important as caring for our heart, soul, and...

        Living Well Retreats: Soul
        11.10.20 | Clergy Care

        Renewing your Soul In order to listen for the voice of God, we must engage in Sabbath, balancing work, rest, and play. During this retreat, we will use the words of Wayne Muller, Renita Weems, and Parker Palmer to frame and guide our time...

          Living Well Retreats: Heart
          09.15.20 | Clergy Care

          Reawakening your Heart  The heart brings together our relationship with God and others.  The heart is where our emotions lie, and it draws us toward the divine.  As you are led to follow Jesus more deeply, use these resources to...

            Meditative Moments
            04.24.20 | Clergy Care

            Join Zoom Live Presentations with Christian Spiritual Leader and Pastor, Kendrick Weaver. Time: Wednesdays in May from 10-10:30 a.m. Free registration and persons of all ages are invited to attend. Information to join the zoom meeting is sent...