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Recast 2021 Narrative Budget

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Benevolence Factor – Proposed 2021:  17.550%

The benevolence factor is the percentage churches are apportioned based on their operating expenditures less exclusions.  The percentage for 2021 is .05% less than the percentage used in 2020 (17.600%).

Mission Shares Collection Rate - Proposed 2021:  87.5%

The projected collection of the amount apportioned to churches in the 2021 Budget is 87.5%.  The percentage for 2021 is 3.5% less than the budgeted Collection Rate for 2020 (91%) based on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mission Shares:  $13,034,887

A church’s share of the local and global mission work and operating expenses of the Annual Conference as determined by the mission shares formula. 

Grants:  $227,300

This represents grants given directly to the conference for ministry and mission. For example, General Church grants to operate the Episcopal Office and residence.

Event Registration:  $2,263,462

This includes Annual Conference registration, workshop registrations, Retreat and Camping Ministries registrations (majority of line item) and other conference events.

Publications:  $4,100

This includes sales or rentals of publications, DVDs, paid UMConnection subscriptions, and other materials.

Individual Gifts

Gifts from individuals for specific programs. These are for the conference, specifically, rather than for ministries outside of the conference.  No such gifts are anticipated in 2021.

Reimbursements:  $100,000

The conference receives reimbursements from denominational agencies for specific operating programs.  The Mission Center tenant leases are also captured in this revenue category.

Other Income/Sources of Funds:  $2,020,504

Miscellaneous income or sources of funds, such as the funding from agency reserve funds.  For example, Retiree Medical expenses (majority of line item) are 100% paid from the Board of Pension Reserves.  The funds from the sale of discontinued churches are used to fund a portion of the New Faith Expressions.

Interest:  $50,000

An estimate of the interest the conference will earn on operating funds in investment vehicles.




Regional Ministry Teams:  $2,243,723

Funds to operate the ministries and administrative support of the Regions.  The Regional Teams include:

  1. Southern Region (Annapolis and Washington East Districts)
  2. Baltimore Region (Baltimore Metro and Baltimore Suburban Districts)
  3. Washington Region (Greater Washington and Central Maryland Districts)
  4. Western Region (Frederick and Cumberland-Hagerstown Districts)

 Discipleship Ministry Teams

Discipleship Ministries: $1,268,875

        Funds to operate the ministries and administrative aspects of the Discipleship Ministries and Congregation/Leadership  Development Teams.  Funds are also allocated for Discipleship Council, Connectional Table and Board of Laity. 

General and Jurisdictional Missional Shares: $2,882,915

The funds that the General Church and Northeast Jurisdiction request for ministry and programs from each conference.  The conference celebrates its track record of paying 100% of these missional shares since 1998.  General Church funds include:

 World Service

To help our denomination strengthen its evangelism efforts, stimulate church growth, expand Bible studies, and enrich spiritual commitment.  This fund allows us to share in a worldwide ministry, including support for missionaries.

Interdenominational Cooperation

This fund allows United Methodists to have an effective presence in the activities of ecumenical organizations.

Africa University

This fund supports the further development of the first private university for men and women in Africa.

Black College Fund

This fund represents the denomination’s support of the operation and capital funding of historically black colleges and medical schools.

Ministerial Education Fund

This fund provides our church support for the recruitment and education of future pastors and bishops.

Episcopal Fund

This fund pays the salaries and benefits of active bishops in the denomination and supports retired bishops.

General Administration

This fund supports administrative areas of the church, such as the General Council on Finance and Administration, the General Conference session, and Archives and History.

Jurisdictional Administration

This fund supports mission and ministry through the Northeastern Jurisdiction.

Leadership Development and New Faith Expressions: $1,481,753

    Grants to local churches and ministries to grow congregations and expand ministry in the community.

  1. Start new churches
  2. Board of Ordained Ministry
  3. Certified Lay Ministry

 Young People's Ministry: $2,416,362

Ministries funded by Young People's Ministry include Children, Youth, Young Adults, Campus Ministries, and Retreat and Camping ministries.

  1. Youth Ministries engage and support young disciples of Jesus Christ.
  2. Retreat and Camping Ministries provide opportunities for spiritual growth and formation for children and adults.
  3. Campus Ministries support staffing and programs on four area college campuses.

 Advocacy & Action; Abundant Health: $806,820

Social Justice Ministries such as Justice for our Neighbors, NEJ Call to Action, and Hope for the City are funded through Advocacy and Action.  Funds are also devoted to Deaf Ministries.  Abundant Health includes funds for our partner ministries with other conferences, such as Zimbabwe, South Korea, Latin America, and Eurasia.

Total Discipleship Ministry Teams:  $8,856,725 



 Communications:  $596,165

The publications produced by this area are tools for implementing the ministries of the Conference, such as the UMConnection newspaper, the Web site, and e-connection.

 Operations:  $2,969,575

This area is responsible for overall operations of the conference facilities, and IT systems and infrastructure.  

Property Ministries

The Conference Trustees oversee all property owned by the conference, to include the Conference Mission Center, three Retreat and Camping facilities, the Episcopal Residence and the leased offices in Frederick and on Capitol Hill.

 Archives and History

The conference provides support for the preservation of our United Methodist Heritage.

 Conference Chancellor

Provides legal resources to the Trustees and other conference leadership.

 Annual Conference – Commission on Sessions

The commission prepares all aspects of the annual conference session including program and logistics.

 Finance:  $552,298

This area is responsible for maintaining and administering comprehensive fiscal and administrative policies and services. The office of the treasurer provides support and information for clergy and laity in local churches.

 HR/Benefits Administration:  $2,073,228

This office administers all active and retired benefit plans for clergy and laity.  They also provide personnel and HR support for Conference staff.


 Episcopal Leadership Ministry:  $408,540

Ministries that lead our mission and develop the leadership to lead congregations, ministries and staff.