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Missionary Corner Princess Jusu July update

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Dear Friends,

Students welcoming Princess Jusu

I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Once again, I am very grateful and thankful for all of your prayers and support. Responding to my mission service call is possible because of your prayerful support. I appreciate friends, partners and churches that hosted me during my period of itineration; the reception was quite overwhelming. I arrived in Liberia safe and sound and I was warmly welcomed back by the students and staff.

Training Center

A sewing class at the training center

The training center continues to be our primary focus of ministry.  It provides skill training for needy women -- young and old. Through this venture, we hope to empower women with a marketable skill. We have enrolled new students. For sewing class, we have enrolled 15 new students and 15 students for arts and crafts. As we keep on enrolling more students in the sewing class, we need more sewing machines, which cost $150 each.   

The diversity of classes offered gives the women a better choices of skills that can be marketable to earn a livelihood.  We still aim to move women from subsistence markets to profitable ones.

Pastry Class

Students in the pastry class

Our pastry section has also been into making donuts, fish pies, cornbread, banana bread, cassava bread and basic bread.

Girl’s Dormitory

We appreciate all the support from partners, friends, family and churches geared toward the completion of the girl’s dormitory. The dormitory is now in use for women who come from the rural areas however, there is still some work to be done and there is a need for furniture, tiles and final electrical installation. The newly dedicated dormitory also now provides housing for many of the delegates to the Liberia Annual Conference (UMW). We are also appealing for your support in fencing the girls' dormitory for security reasons.

I encourage you to remember the girl’s dormitory and to support it. Please also remember to support my missionary salary through Covenant Relationship: Advance #13037Z. You may also support my ministry by giving to the Girl’s Dormitory at Women’s Leadership Training Center: Advance #3021062.

Sincerely Yours,
Princess Jusu