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'For Such a Time as This'

Posted by Wanda Duckett on

As the Baltimore-Washington celebrated the installation of Bishop Latrelle Easterling, and begins to “listen to a new voice,” the Rev. Wanda Bynum Duckett shared a spoken word piece at a brunch for the new bishop on Oct. 1. See a video of “For Such a Time as This.” 

For Such a Time as This
By Rev. Dr. Wanda Bynum Duckett

The glass shatters so gently allowing new light to shine down on us;
Do you hear it,
whispers of praise as the shards of the past are whisked away without cutting
but rather binding and healing the open wounds of destiny for such a time as this.
We dare not miss this opportunity to catch the rays for these days are calling us higher.
To boundless boldness and unquenchable fire that has been shut up in our bones too long.
A house divided cannot stand strong enough for such a time as this.
So let us join the Son in spreading the light for it is right,
a good and joyful thing…
we say it so often our voices ring stoic,
but let us truly give thanks and praise ….
as an offering for such a time as this.

As history is made, and we cast the shade of righteous trees on former disparities.
Cool as the breeze, calm as the seas that waited to make this intentional wave in waters so troubled and deep.
For such a time as this we are called,
she is called to lead and to serve this present age, and wage
- not defend - but charge toward the end, the mark.
For the calling is high. The future is nigh.
The world wonders, Why are you taking so long … Lord how long?….
for such a time as this.

Kairos has arrived in our midst; and we dare not sit and wonder who we are at such a time as this.
For if we don’t know then who will preach?
And if we don’t go then how can we reach those for whom the ceiling is still in place,
and the door closes in the face of their prayers.
Sheep must be fed, and taught the glory of unity.
Too many are dead being killed with impunity
on the pews and street corners.
Pulpits full of mourners when joy is the prescription for strength.
Power needs our truth spoken in its ear.
Destiny needs our youth untarnished by our fears.
The culture needs our wisdom.
Sophia and Solomon both come for such a time as this. 

So let our circle be unbroken but endless in its capacity for love.
As we embrace our new leader, heaven sent, will-bent toward salvation.
Each one take your station: city and town, high church, bowed down, spoken word, classic hymn, gospel rap, let the timbrel and the dance be it folk or shout, hip hop or plea-ay, hand clap or soft sway…
come out come out where ever you are and celebrate for such a time as this.

We welcome what is new like the dew this brand new morning.
We stand on the foundation of those who could not stay but shout from their heavenly bleachers that we let their experience be our teacher.
Are you ready to bear the weight of hope?
Shoulders squared like the one who dared to lead those first disciples.
Let us fish for men and women and let God’s wish be our lens to see with fresh eyes ready to stare directly at the future. For such a time as this!