Wellness & Missions

Wellness & Missions ministries seek to inspire and equip faith communities to foster spiritual, physical and mental health for all and to promote an understanding of the interconnectedness of all aspects of health individually, locally and globally. Through intentionally building relationships, meeting needs and improving health we will contribute to developing more disciples who grow in their love of God and all their neighbors for the flourishing of lives and communities.

This ministry area is resourced by the General Board of Global Ministries and partners with Advocacy & Action, Heal the Sick, the Board of Childcare and skilled servant workers from the Baltimore-Washington Conference. It is the new name for our BWC Conference Board of Global Ministries and is more inclusive of persons in our local mission fields who have been called to this work.

Wellness and Missions Resources

A word to clergy on self care
Sep. 13, 2019 by Kevin Smalls

After a well-known California pastor committed suicide, the Rev. Benjamin Kevin Smalls, a clergy member of the BWC, wrote a Facebook post about clergy self care. This is shared by permission of the author.

Opioid crisis calls for faith response
Aug. 29, 2019 by Melissa Lauber

United Methodists are called to address the horrors of the opioid epidemic. Rev. Barry Ball shares his experiences on how they might do that.

March is Problem Gambling Month: How to Help
Aug. 29, 2019 by Erik Alsgaard

Current estimates are that between 1 and 3 percent of the general population engage in “high risk gambling behavior” and meet the criteria for having a gambling disorder. Overall, about 80 percent of the population answer “yes” when asked if they have ever gambled. How can you church assist with this addiction?

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