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Questions to be considered upon reflecting on what was shared at ROCK 2019 -- (ROCK's 25th anniversary: ROCK of Ages) by the "Chalkguy", Ben Glenn:

  • What is 'stinking thinking'?
  • Ben shared with us from stories of his past about some of the fears in life he had growing up.
    What have been some of your fears, and how have you been able to overcome them?
  • Jesus said that we would have troubles in life. He also reminded us that 'This too shall pass.'
    What are some of the troubles you have struggled with, and how have you handled them?
  • Jesus said, "Take heart ...."  Is God working in your heart?  In what ways?
  • What does it mean to be 'pleasantly exhausted'?
  • A gift is not something we have to earn or work for in order to receive.
    The Bible tells us that Jesus is God's gift to us and to all the world.
    Have you accepted that gift, and if so, how has that gift affected you in your life?
  • Ben in his sharing said that "we have forgotten the Golden Rule".
    What is that 'Golden Rule', and in what ways have we forgotten it?
  • The scriptures tells us that 'Jesus is the Light of the world', and that we are called to be a light in the world.
    What does that mean, and how can we be more of that 'light'?
  • Put your own name in John 3:16 in place of the word, "the world".
    Having done so, what does that verse have to say to you?
  • What chalk drawling of Ben's did you enjoy the most and why?

 (Questions submitted by Pastor Mark Mooney, ROCK Team)

Resource Videos

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Saturday night's message

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