Washington Region Connect Leadership Summit

Saturday, March 07, 2020, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: River Hill High School, 12101 Clarksville Pike, Clarksville, MD US 21029
Cost: $40.00
Inspiring & Equipping Churches to Connect More People to Jesus

At this one-day training opportunity, you’ll hear from Daniel Im, author of “No Silver Bullets,” who will help you lead, thrive, and create a culture of discipleship in your church. You can also immerse yourself in one of six learning tracks or explore two topics relevant to your interests and ministry in expert-led workshops. 

With Keynote Speaker, Daniel Im, Author of No Silver Bullets 


Daniel Im, the senior associate pastor of Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Canada, is the author of several books, including, “No Silver Bullets,” which explores how micro-shifts in your church’s vision, values and model can lead to macro-changes in mission and ministry. Read more on his website at www.danielim.com. 


8:30 Check-In
9:00 Opening Experience
9:30 Keynote with Discussion - Daniel Im
11:30 Wrap up and Instruction
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Select one track or two workshops 
1:00-3:45 Track
1:00-2:15 Workshop 1
2:30-3:45 Workshop 2


Participants can dive deeply into one area of ministry by taking a track, which consists of two workshops. Or, they can explore ministry areas of particular interest to them in two workshops, chosen specifically for local church leaders in each region.

The tracks to choose from include:

Abundant Health Track
Abundant Health:  Health Ministry 911

Presenters: Dr.  Janet Fujikawa, Occupational Medicine Specialist (Gaithersburg, MD).  Dr. Tom Pruski directs the work of the Heal the Sick program which is part of the Wesley Seminary's Community Engagement Institute.

The health message is a vital part of God’s last day message to the world. When done effectively, it opens the way for people of all backgrounds to accept the gospel truths. This session will look at the keys to planning for and implementing a power-filled health ministry at your church. This session will cover the following areas: Introduction to faith and health, health ministry models, communication and organizing for health ministry. 

Participants in this course will have the opportunity to participate with a cohort to take a deeper dive into understanding what it takes to prepare your congregation and community for a health ministry and the steps necessary to be an asset to the Kingdom of God.  In attending this workshop, individuals will be introduced on how to start and begin to sustain a health ministry in their local church or community.

Deepening Discipleship Track
Deepening Discipleship: Creating a Discipleship Pathway for Your Church

Presenter:  Ken Willard, Author, coach, consultant, trainer and curriculum developer who will be teaching on the essentials of one of the books he collaborated on: Stride: Creating a Discipleship Pathway for Your Church

Churches of all types around the country are struggling. The more programs they try the more evident it becomes that there is no quick fix or secret formula to help them out of their rut. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Movement, once said, “The way to keep a Methodist alive is to keep him moving.”

It is time to recapture this simple yet profound truth and get back to the basics of making fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Learn from someone who has developed and launched a highly successful pathway to discipleship in their church (Morning Star UMC, in St.Louis) about how to create a successful discipleship pathway for your own particular contexts, based on the principles developed at Morning Star.

Willard shares the process of developing a discipleship pathway that meets individual people where they are. You will see examples of each element and practical instruction on how to plan, implement and sustain the discipleship pathway. 


Generosity Generators Track
Generosity Generators: Creating a Culture of Generosity

Presenters: Rev. Dr. Daryl Williams, Senior Pastor, St Paul UMC, Oxon Hill, Md.
Washington Region on March 7

Ministry keeps becoming more expensive and funding ministry continues to become more challenging. These challenges can cause a constant low level of anxiety for ministry leaders as they seek to make their ministry visions into a reality and faithfully serve their community. This presentation will give you the tools to curb your anxiety, create a culture of generosity, and have a ministry funding plan so that you can faithfully live into the vision you have for ministry.  Join Dr. Williams for a fun and exciting time of learning and growth.  

Next Level Leaders Track
Next Level Leaders:  Multi-Generational Leadership for the 22nd Century

Presenter:  Dr. Rodney Smothers:  Author, Coach and Director of Leadership and Congregational Development for the Baltimore-Washington Conference
Washington Region - March 7

Our future will require collaborative communities that are multi-generational, multicultural, and theologically diverse.  Our new tribes will gather in new ways and be led by Next Level Leaders who intentionally invest in learning and leading others through innovation, influence, and spiritual impact. Traditions will be incorporated into new expressions through shared cultural and contextual values. This blended leadership context will include multi-generational teams, new rules of Millennials and Generation Z., Communication in a digital world, Communities vs. Institutions, Storytelling and Vision, Coaching for Transformation, Healthy Habits, and learning from innovative organizations beyond the church.  Participants will create new ministry models for the 22nd Century Church Movement.

New Faith Expressions Track

Are you looking to breathe new life into your congregation or perhaps are you dreaming of launching a brand new church? Both begin with the same question: what is shaping your church? Is your church shaped by worship or programs, children or youth ministries or by the preferences of your current members? What if your church was shaped by the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world? What if you church was shaped by the mission of reaching people who currently don’t attend any church? If these questions make your heart sing, then join New Faith Expressions Track at the Connect Leadership Summit.

New Faith Expressions: Being a Sent People instead of an Attractional Church 

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Bill Brown, Director of New Faith Expressions, Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church
Washington Region on March 7

For decades, churches have operated from the mentality of “build it and they will come”. So what is “it”? Perhaps “it” is a new building or worship service, the best coffee or latest program. We have spent countless hours and resources trying to attract people to our churches and have them come to us. Instead of “come to us,” what if we embraced a new approach, “go to them”? What if we embodied Jesus’ command in 

Matthew 28:19 – “Go therefore and make disciples…” (CEB). It is time for us to discover new expressions of church that are able to communicate with a culture that is not currently a part of the church, so that they can become committed followers of Jesus Christ.  

We are at a crossroads as our society and culture continue to undergo massive transitions that have affected the church. These challenges provide us with a significant opportunity to reach new people. It begins by changing our focus beyond our building and the “come to us” approach and embrace the “we will go to you” attitude, embodying the Gospel where people are, rather than embodying it where we are and in ways we prefer.

In this track you will discover innovative ways to embrace the “micro-church movement” including:

  •         The definition and theology of the “micro-church movement”
  •         How to discover and engage people where they are
  •         Models and methods for launching a “micro-church movement” in your context 

Much more…

Young People’s Ministry Track

with Rev. Chris Bishop in the Washington Region (March 7) and Western Region (March 14)

Everyone has a story to tell. An epic adventure with a hero who saves the day.  A dramatic tale of good versus evil. A romantic comedy where in the end, everyone lives happily ever after. Whatever the story, it is yours to be told. 

And let’s not forget the greatest story ever told. The story of the one who came from humble beginnings but was recognized as a leader and king. Someone who healed the sick and chose to spend time with those living on the margins instead of in a palace with all of the riches that royalty provides. The store of the one who saved the world through life and death and continues to save lives even today. The story of Jesus Christ.

 What if we could tell our story and the story of Jesus with confidence?  Without fear or shame?  What if we could tell these stories in a way that would make others want to be a part of that story?

Join us at the Youth Track of the Connect Leadership Summit to learn a new way to tell your story and the story of Christ. Youth can attend the afternoon track for FREE at any location.

RSVP by March 6 or March 13

If youth are interested in attending the full day of the Connect Leadership Summit and need a scholarship, contact Sharonda Jones at

Please visit the region pages for descriptions of the contents of the tracks, which will differ slightly at each summit.

Each region will offer its own selection of up to a dozen workshops, created to reflect the cultural context of ministry in the area.

Washington Region Workshops:
1. Meeting Them Where They Are

Presenter: Rony Young 
Pastor Ronald AKA “Rony” Young is a licensed Local Pastor at St. Luke UMC in Sykesville and a student at Lancaster Bible College and Wesley Theological Seminary. 

The flow and context of worship in the local church is critical to how impactful it may be to all attendees. In this session, you will learn: 

  1. The responsible parties for worship in a service.
  2. A general process for organizing/structuring a worship service.
  3. The importance of flexibility and diversity. 
2. Demands and Benefits of the Bi-Vocational Pastor

Presenter: Lucinda Kent
Rev. Lucinda (Cindy) Kent serves as the pastor of Van Buren United Methodist Church, Washington, DC.; and, as the Executive Director of Operations for National United Methodist Church, Washington, DC (a multi-campus site).  

Bi-Vocational pastors experience the same needs as do all other pastors.  From self-care to tackling challenges and meeting work demands. How does one attempt to balance call, family, employment, education, and self-care?  Come, let us explore this topic together.  

3. Spiritual Leadership

Presenter: Stacey Cole Wilson

What are the means of grace and what does it mean to be a disciple and disciple-maker of Jesus Christ in the 21st century? This class will explore principles of the undivided life, spiritual leadership, cultural sensitivity, and equity in the workplace.  

4. Healthy Boundaries for Ministry

Presenter: Mary Ka Kanahan
Rev. Mary Ka Kanahan serves as the pastor of a multicultural, ecumenical union church, Saint John United in Columbia, MD. She has served in lay leadership and pastoral leadership within the Baltimore-Washington Conference for 23 years and is passionate about helping the church lives its missional call to make disciples of Jesus who transform the world.  Her experience with ecumenical and interfaith ministry gives her a broad view of both the joys and challenges facing clergy and laity in the BWCUMC.

Clergy and laypersons depend on relationships with one another to fulfill God’s call to the church. We have a mutual trust and shared responsibility as leaders to set appropriate boundaries and model professional behavior in our ministry. 

In our time, we will introduce:

  • Definitions and descriptions of boundaries and why they are important,
  • The importance of awareness of the need for healthy boundaries in ministry, relative to power or vulnerability,
  • How to create a healthy church environment with loving accountability for boundary-keeping,
  • The challenges to boundaries in ministry such as gift-giving, friendships, dual
  • relationships, dating, and social media, (and others you can think of!), as well as
  • Guidelines for appropriate boundaries and self-care, including expectations of the United Methodist Church and the BWCUMC.
5. Reaching Your Community Through Servant Evangelism

Presenter: T.C. Morrow
Rev. T.C. Morrow, a Provisional Deacon, is on the staff of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture and extended clergy team at Foundry UMC, and she has a passion for equipping people to put their faith into action for the sake of building up the kingdom of God.

If you or members of your church think, “There is no way I can do evangelism,” this is the workshop for you!  Simple acts of kindness can open someone’s heart and let them know your church exists. Steve Sjogren coined the term “servant evangelism” to describe acts of service in the community that serve to model Christ’s love.  Examples include giving out free lemonade at the mall or a community event, or hosting a community Christmas event with no-cost to attendees photos with Santa. Evangelism isn’t only about words, come explore how your church can reach your community through acts of service.

6. A Person-Centered Approach to Senior Citizen Ministry

Presenter: Malcolm Fraizer
Rev. Malcolm Frazier responds to the Holy Spirit’s promptings to vigorously pursue his authentic callings to different ministry contexts.

During this workshop participants will look at some statistics for seniors, and the social impact of these numbers.  Participants will learn some of the psychosocial theories of aging and explore their challenges and solutions. An overview of dementia will be presented – its causes and how the church can respond.  

7. Transforming Your Church Through Community Engagement 

Presenter: Tim Warner
Rev. Timothy B. Warner served for seven years as the Associate Council Director for Community and Economic Development in the Baltimore-Washington Conference, engendering ministries of mission-evangelism in local churches throughout the region.  Rev. Warner currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Emory Grove UMC in Gaithersburg and Mill Creek Parish UMC in Derwood. 

This session will explore the biblical mandates for engaging communities, the nuts and bolts of community engagement, and how churches can be missional transformed through this important work in the communities that surround them.

Text Referenced:

  1. Faith-rooted Organizing:  Mobilizing the Church in Service to the World by Alexia Salvatierra and Peter Heltzel
  2. Walking with Nehemiah by Joseph Daniels
  3. Transforming Communities from the Inside Out by Jodi Kretzman and John McKnight
8. Conflict Management in the Local Church

Presenter: Alice Ford
Rev. Alice Ford has served 18 years in pastoral ministry in various local church settings where she uses her gifts as a certified conflict mediation specialist, professional coach and healthy congregations specialist and facilitator to help churches and people be all that God has in store for them.  

As much as we would like to believe that we can all get along in the Body of Christ, we know the realities of churches dividing and the cause of Christ being marred.  What do you do when conflict surfaces? Attend this session and come away with biblical methods to conflict management. You will learn how to 

  • Be proactive (Matt. 5:23-24)
  • Be a peace-maker (Rom. 12:16-21; Eph. 4:3)
  • Be process-oriented (Matt. 18:15-17)
  • Be a paraclete (Phil. 4:2-3)
9. Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Education and Training for Adults and Youth

Presenter: Akeda Pearson (Seeds of Security BWC DV/IPV Ministry)

This course will offer a basic understanding of what DV/IPV is, its prevalent signs, symptoms, responses, and how faith communities can access and/or provide resources that can promote health and healing for survivors. If you have and or are looking to begin a DV/IPV ministry in your church, this training is for you.  

10. The Witness of the Laity in the Baltimore Washington Conference 

Presenter: Delores Martin
Delores is the Conference Lay Leader and works with a very competent group of District Lay Leaders. She is very conscious of caring for and working with all Conference laity. 

Recognizing the role of all laity in the church, we'll explore the participant's Christ-like examples of everyday living as well as sharing each person's own faith experiences of the gospels. Learn what is necessary to work with clergy and encourage, teach and shepherd others to become leaders.

11. Safe Sanctuaries

Presenters: Kirstin Shrom-Rhoads & Angela Fosset

Safe Sanctuaries policy are the cornerstone to your children and youth ministry.  Discover the issues you should consider and questions you need to ask when developing your policy along with systems for how to manage it all.

12. The “Small” Church: Who Are We?

Presenters: Phil Ayers & Audrey Hill
Rev. Phil Ayers has served small and large congregations for 38 years and the majority of his pastoral ministry has centered on congregational revitalization.  
Audrey Diane Thomas Hill is a retired 45-year educator, a Certified Lay Speaker and has been working with small churches since 2018.

This workshop will discuss the issues and concerns that impact the small church. Our goal is to create an ongoing process for congregations to address the various obstacles facing the church. 


Registration, which is $40, Registration closes March 4.


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