Training Tuesdays: Simplified, Accountable Structure

11.17.20 | Administration & Operations, Training Tuesdays, Church Council, Nominations

    Presenter: Kay Kotan

    Are you tired of unproductive meetings that seem to go on forever? Does your church have more leadership positions than people to fill them?  Do meetings occur without ever discussing how ministries align with the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ?  Is your church simply meetinged-out?  If this sounds like your church and you are looking for another way to lead your church more faithfully, more simply and with greater impact, please join us to explore simplified, accountable structure. In this workshop, you will learn:

    • The leadership styles of most churches and how effective they are
    • The difference of management and governance through leadership
    • Why many will not serve in the church structure today
    • How to meet less but be more effective and missionally focused
    • How to simplify the four administrative committee functions
    • How to offer permission-giving guidelines for day-to-day ministry to occur within safe boundaries
    • Why accountability must be part of leadership at all levels

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