FUSD's Multi-racial, Multi-faith, and Multi-generational Voter Toolkit for the 2022 Midterm Election & Beyond

02.02.22 | Advocacy and Action

    This message and toolkit is created by Turn Out Sunday.


    For the coming 2022 Midterm election, Democracy is on the ballot! It is our job as faith and community leaders to mount a vigorous nonpartisan campaign to equip our communities to protect their right to vote their convictions in free, fair, and safe elections.

    We invite you to utilize the Faiths United to Save Democracy (FUSD) Multi-racial, Mulit-faith, and Multi-generational Voter Toolkit for the 2022 Midterm Election & Beyond. Use the Toolkit to organize webinars and other virtual forums to equip your network with this important information that makes voting more accessible for everyone, especially vulnerable voters.

    Escalating attacks on the right to vote necessitate a broader, more united and diverse faith coalition. Shortly, we will have a Spanish-language version of the toolkit.

    Despite the over 400 new voter restriction laws in 49 states, we have the moral authority, and organizing strength to mount vigorous voter education, registration, identification, mobilization, and protection campaigns STARTING NOW to prepare our communities for the November 8, 2022 Midterm Election. It is especially important to engage younger voters who are a much larger part of the voting electorate in 2022. The toolkit contains helpful tips for engaging young voters, as well as, voters in other categories.

    Our victory is in our unity and in our unwavering faith!"