Crossing Lines of Difference for Mutual Growth

05.15.16 | Advocacy and Action, Racial Justice | by Christie Latona

    By Wally Adams and Wally Snyder, authors of Hey, It's Black Wally and White Wally

    Two very different men, both named Wally, came together in a mentoring relationship and learned over six years just what divides and what unites them. View their video from the 2016 Leadership Days and reflect in a daring conversation with the questions that follow. 

    Questions for Reflection, Leadership Teams and Small Groups

    What surprised you?

    What did you learn about what is necessary to cross lines of difference well?

    Describe a time when you have been engaged in crossing lines of difference around race, age, and status. Share with the group what you would add to the lessons shared by Wally and Wally.

    Bryan Stevenson is the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, fighting poverty and challenging racial discrimination in the criminal justice system. He talks and writes about the necessity of being in proximity with the "other" in order to dismantle systemic injustices. Mentoring is one way one of getting proximate. What can you and/or your church do to better be in proximity and relationship with young people who are growing up in poverty or who are impacted by institutional racism?