Youth Ministry Rx

Youth Ministry Rx: Checking in on you and offering ministry support during Covid-19

The Young People’s Ministry of the BWC is hosting 6 weekly youth ministry check-ins for youth workers across the conference.  Youth workers are invited to join for an hour of support for themselves and their ministries hosted by Chris Sasser and John McNeill of Ministry Architects.  Each session will have a time for check-in then will focus on a different theme and topic for discussion and learning. Session one on May 7 will focus on the Youth Leader’s Life and Challenges.  Attendees will take time to discuss how they’re navigating this new season in life and ministry and talk about caring for themselves and their family while seeking to minister to those in their care. 

Week 1 (May 7): The Youth Leader’s Life and Challenges – God is with you in the challenges. 
We’ll take some time to check-in and discuss how we are all navigating this new season in life and ministry. We’ll talk about how to make sure you are caring for yourself and your family as you seek to minister to those in your care. 

Week 1 Powerpoint

Week 2 (May 14):  Best Practices and Doing Ministry Virtually
In this session, we’ll share some learnings about some of the best practices in virtual ministry as well as some practical suggestions and tools you can use to increase engagement in your environments.

Week 2 Powerpoint

Week 3 (May 21) - Partnering with Parents and Helping them Disciple Their Kids
We all know that parents need help, especially in this season of working from home, managing online school, and cabin fever. We’ll share some ways to not just help parents survive the days, but help them in their role as the primary spiritual leaders in their home.

Week 3 Powerpoint

Week 4 (May 28) - Addressing Theological Concerns and Questions that Arise from Crisis
There is no doubt that in times of crisis, questions abound. Both youth and their parents are asking some tough questions about pain and suffering and how God plays into it all. In this session, we’ll talk through ways to help people process the questions and concerns that are coming to the surface.

Week 4 Powerpoint

Week 5 (June 4) - Helping Teens Navigate Identity, Belonging and Purpose 
Research on teens and young adults has helped us understand that they are primarily trying to figure out three things: identity, belonging, and purpose. We’ll share recent findings on how leaders and parents can help teens navigate these issues in healthy ways.

Week 5 Powerpoint

Week 6 (June 11) - Dealing with Uncertainty and the New Normal of Life and Ministry
As we move farther away from the apex of the crisis and more into a “new normal” for life and ministry, what will this look like for the local church? In our last session together, we’ll share some thoughts and ideas around what we have all learned and what we can take into our next season of ministry.

Week 6 Powerpoint