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What you need to know about fake e-mails from Conference Leaders

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Q: How can I tell when these messages are fake?
A: Bishop Easterling and other conference leaders would never, ever, e-mail you and ask for monetary donations, gift cards, etc., even in an emergency. Legitimate donation requests would be communicated via the Baltimore-Washington Conference website, in our weekly newsletter, the “e-connection,” and on our BWC social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).

Q: Why does the Conference Leadership’s email keep getting hacked?
A: It doesn’t. These scam e-mails (or “phishing” attempts) circulate around the disreputable realms of the internet. They are not sent from BWC email accounts. See below.

Q: What is phishing?
According to this website, “Phishing is a crime in which identity thieves attempt to elicit sensitive, personal information from you by masquerading as a trustworthy source in electronic communication.” These e-mails may come from someone who appears to be a bishop, your pastor, a family member, etc.

Q: Has my personal information been compromised?
Receiving these messages does not mean your private information has been compromised. Just be sure you do NOT reply or respond in any manner. Never click on links or open attachments when you receive any suspicious email.

Q: What can I do to take action?

Recent phishing activity reported:
If applicable, the reports below will include the scammer's typos.
Actual emails may vary from the reports below as scammers try different names and techniques.

  • May 6, 2021
    • From: Bishop LaTrelle Easterling <bishoplatrelleeasterling35@gmail. com>
    • Request: "Hi, how are you doing? I need a favor from you..."
    • Subject
    • Scam/Risk: Gift Cards
  • April 29, 2021
    • From: Bishop LaTrelle Easterling <easterlingbishoplatrelle@gmail. com>
    • Request: "I need a favor from you..."
    • Subject: GOD BLESS
    • Scam/Risk: Gift Cards
  • April 22, 2021
    • From: Bishop LaTrelle Easterling < com>
    • Request: "I’d be needing you urgent to run an errand for me..."
    • Subject: MANY BLESSINGS
    • Scam/Risk: Gift Cards
  • April 8, 2021
    • From: Bishop LaTrelle Easterling <bishoppeasterlingbwcumc@gmail. com>
    • Request: "I Need An Assistance From You?"
    • Subject: Hello
    • Scam/Risk: Gift Cards
  • Older Activity:
    • 04/07/21: Kelley Twilley <no-reply@sharepointonline. com> (Malicious File-same as 2/22/21 attempt)
    • 04/02/21: Bishop LaTrelle Easterling <officemail9503@gmail. com> (Gift Card Scam)
    • 03/09/21: Bishop Easterling <officeonline12070> @gmail. com> (Gift Card Scam)
    • 03/09/21: Rebecca Iannicelli <officeonline23578@gmail. com> (Gift Card Scam)
    • 03/02/21: Rock Retreat <praktikant-fbkomm@nabu. de> (Malicious File/Link)
    • 02/22/21: Kelley Twilley <no-reply@sharepointonline. com> (Malicious file/Link)
    • 02/05/21: Bishop Easterling <> (Gift Card Scam)
    • 02/04/21: Bishop Easterling <> (Gift Card Scam)

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