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Statement by T.C. Morrow, June 2, 2017

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T.C. Morrow rose for a point of personal privilege and addressed the body of the Baltimore-Washington Conference on June 2. Below is a copy of her remarks.

Since receiving the disappointing news of the Board of Ordained Ministry's decision not to put me forward to this year's clergy session of Annual Conference with recommendation for provisional membership as a deacon, my mind keeps returning to all that is “good” in The United Methodist Church. In that good are all the reasons I keep showing up in this church of my baptism as a baby, confirmation as a 12-year-old, and denominational seminary where I met my wife. Included in that “good” is the Wesleyan understanding of God's grace, and its understanding personal piety and social holiness. In the “good” are our connectional polity and indeed our rich diversity. All of us are the human fabric woven in God’s beautiful tapestry.

I will not wait for the work of another commission or another year of limbo where my gifts and graces for ordained ministry have been affirmed through examination but didn't get to the next step. God calls now. I will continue to respond now. I will continue to serve as God's grace allows me to in the ministry settings that I serve. I am grateful to serve at the National Religious Campaign Against Torture and in my church, Foundry UMC.

Our world needs God’s hands and feet now as much as ever. We can’t wait until we’ve gotten the perfect "anything" to respond as fully as we can when Christ calls, “Follow me.”