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ROCK 2020 Discussion Questions

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1) The theme for this past year's ROCK event was "Take heart", based on John 16:33.

     What has that scripture come to mean to you since the ROCK weekend?


The following questions are based on the words and testimony shared at ROCK by

our speaker, 'B Haley:


2) "We are One!" --- Explain in what ways we can reach this 'oneness' as the Body of Christ.


3) "Love people to Jesus. Don't push them away."

    - In what ways do we sometimes 'push people away'?

    - How can we 'love them to Jesus'?


4) "Darkness cannot overcome darkness, ... neither can hate overcome hate."

    - Explain what kind of insights these words bring to mind in our Christian walk and journey.


5) "Hate drives people apart - God's love brings them together."

    - In what ways can we share God's love with others?


6) "Laundry is the only place where colors should be separated."

    - Explain what those words mean to you and how we can best live out

      those words as followers of Christ.


7) "If you're rolling with someone who is doing bad things, let them go.

     You're not called to be like the world, you're called to be like Jesus."

    - What do you do when someone you are friends with 'does bad things'?

    - How can we be more like Jesus in such situations?


8) On Sunday, an invitation was made to accept the love that comes from God through Jesus. Did you accept that invitation? How did you feel after? 


9) On Sunday, Tom Price said, “Whatever your calling is, don’t leave your Savior behind!”  What does that mean?  How would your calling be different without including  your Savior?

  Submitted by Rev Mark C. Mooney (Prayer Room Rock Team)

Hiss UMC, Parkville (Baltimore Metro District)