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Remembering Freddie Gray and the Baltimore unrest

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Ames Memorial UMC Pastor featured on MPT ‘Voices of Baltimore’ Program

Pastor Rodney Hudson of Ames Memorial UMC helped to intervene in the unrest following Freddie Gray’s funeral. In the MPT Digital Studios series, “Voices of Baltimore,” he shares what he remembers of that day.

“That whole day was just one big war zone,” Husdon said. “There was smoke everywhere, you could not even see because of the smoke was so dense. Lt. Col. Melvin Russell was out there calling for the clergy to get out and help calm things down. And the clergy did, they came in big numbers. Ministers from all over the city came out to help calm the city down.”

Hudson also has hope for the community, and the future: “The struggle sometimes is a necessary thing, and out of that struggle comes progress.”

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