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NEJ calls Special Session

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The Northeastern Jurisdiction College of Bishops, in consultation with the Committee on Episcopacy, has announced a Special Called Session of Jurisdictional Conference, to be held virtually Saturday, Oct. 15, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The two specific items on the agenda are:

  • Hearing a report from the Northeastern Jurisdictional Episcopacy committee and the NEJ College of Bishops regarding episcopal elections,
  • Conducting a vote on the number of bishops to elect during the regularly scheduled Jurisdictional Conference.

In a letter to the NEJ delegates, the bishops wrote: The NEJ Episcopacy Committee and the NEJ College of Bishops “recognize there are options ranging from no elections to the full number eligible to be elected that need to be explored and considered before we gather for the regular session of Jurisdictional Conference in early November.  We believe that this is essential in order to structure and implement the schedule appropriately for that meeting.”

 The regularly scheduled Jurisdictional Conference is set for Nov. 2-4 in Baltimore   

Both the NEJ Episcopacy Committee and the NEJ College of Bishops report that they “believe it is important to have a fuller conversation and vote in a special session in order to discern together a decision that will have a long-term effect on the mission and ministry of the Jurisdiction as well as the wider church.”

See a list of the members of the BWC’s delegation to the Conference.