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Du Shun Gim

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Du Shun Gim, 84, husband of the Rev. Limja Huh Gim, died Dec. 8, 2018. A memorial service was held Dec.15, at the National Korean UMC in Rockville. 

Du Shun Gim was born in Seoul, Korea June 7, 1934. He graduated from High School in 1953 and studied for one year at Seoul National University before moving to the United States in 1954.  He obtained a degree from Cornell University’s College of Architecture in 1959 and worked for the Federal Government’s U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 45 years until his retirement in 2004.

He was supportive of his wife’s career in extension ministry as a chaplain with Washington Home & Community Hospice from 2003 until she retired in 2014. Gim was active in the church throughout his adult life. He participated in discipleship and evangelism ministries, sang in the church choir and served as an elder. He enjoyed playing golf, meeting with friends, and watching his grandchildren’s various performances and activities.

His daughter MiYoung Wang wrote of her father: “He was hardworking, disciplined, and always wanted us to learn as much as we could. Just as he was retiring from his career with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, mom wanted to go back to school and obtain a seminary education. He encouraged her and supported her in that endeavor, helping out more around the house so that she could focus on her studies and then work for 10 years doing what she enjoyed.

“My aunt would always mention that she loved the way he prayed – so humbly, with simple and sincere words – not with fancy or lofty speech – just the heartfelt words of a man who loved God and depended on Him for all things. . .

“I believe that his prayers will not expire, but that we will continue to experience blessings as a result of all the prayers he prayed while he lived here on earth.”

Survivors include his wife Limja Huh Gim; daughters, MiYoung Wang, Andrea Ohnman, Grace Yakubisin, their spouses, and son Robert Gim and his wife; and eight grandchildren.

Condolences may be sent to: Limja H. Gim, 1830 Fountain Drive, Unit 1503, Reston, VA 20190-4475.