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BWC offers aid following Key Bridge collapse

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The Baltimore-Washington Conference is an active member of Maryland Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD). The church's assistance has been requested to support the 136 foreign nationals residing on the seven ships in the Port of Baltimore following the collapse of the Key Bridge. 

Most of the individuals on the ships are non-English speaking. The individuals are able to come ashore during the day but cannot “reside” on U.S. soil.  They must return to the ship each night.  There is a very specific list of items we are asked to provide. 

Skilled individuals from the Seafarers Union are working with the seafarers The list of requested iems is limited based upon the requests and the storage space limitations.

MD VOAD members are asked to coordinate with their membership and NOT release the drop-off location to ensure the port is not overrun with unrequested items as well as quantities they cannot manage. Items may be dropped off at the BWC Mission Center, 11711 E. Market Place in Fulton.

Since it has been discovered that the debris in the federal channel is more extensive than originally believed this can go on for several months.  With that in mind, individuals may provide financial donations at the MD VOAD website. The support is now expanding to include the unemployed workers who are not eligible for unemployment benefits. Financial contributions are the best way to support.  Gift cards of any amount are well appreciated. 

For more information, contact Thea Becton.