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A Closing Prayer

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A prayer given by the Rev. Tony Love, assistant to the bishop, at the close of the 236th Annual Conference Session.

God who is great and gracious
As this annual session of the Baltimore-Washington Conference 
has come to a close, 
we pause, we breathe deeply 
And we give you thanks with grateful hearts. 
We bless your name for all that we have been able to accomplish today
to advance your Kin-dom, to be real here and now
as well as in the living out of our days. 

As we leave from this gathering, 
We ask for a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit 
to bind us together as One, 
united to go out in ministry and mission.
To hear the cries of the hurt, the harmed, 
to see the needs of those who have fallen, 
to touch the world’s pain 
And in faith, bring possibility, hope and healing.  

 Holy Spirit blow mighty and strong 
To awaken, revive, disturb us, 
trouble us and to keep us woke 
until the beloved community realized.

 Embolden us to speak up and call out
Everywhere and at all times when 
power, privilege and profit has pushed persons from the family table 
Where love is unconditional, grace so amazing, 
peace beyond understanding and
Where mercy is tender and new each morning.

 Move Holy Spirit, cause us to do the greater work that Jesus himself said was possible and doable in his name.

Whisper Holy Spirit into our ears and down the depths of our beings, 
That everything is gonna to be all right, 
That there is victory in Jesus and 
we are more than over-comers because of Christ.

 This is my simple evening prayer that I ask in the name 
of Jesus, your Son and my Savior, 
the name that guarantees all of my prayers.
Hallelujah and amen!