NEJ Mission of Peace

The Mission of Peace (MOP) is a yearly journey of discovery and peace to nations in our global community sponsored by the Northeastern Jurisdictional Council on Youth Ministries of The United Methodist Church.

Each year, every Annual Conference in the jurisdiction may select up to four high school youth to share in this experience.

On each MOP, participants worship in churches, meet youth in churches and civic organizations and share with people who have a similar longing for peace and understanding. It is primarily a people-to-people experience in which we learn from our hosts how they live as disciples of Jesus Christ in their country. It is a journey of discovering God’s Shalom.

Each youth who journeys on the Mission of Peace must raise the money to support his/her MOP and is expected to share their experience at least five times upon returning.

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2021 Mission of Peace to China

Due to COVID-19, the Mission of Peace trip to China has been cancelled.  
Read about the 2019 Mission of Peace trip to India.
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History of the Mission of Peace

Inspired by the preaching of Bishop Dale White, the Mission of Peace was brought into existence by the Northeastern Jurisdictional Council on Youth Ministry Legislative Session at Albright College, July 28-31, 1984.  The Mission of Peace has traveled to Russia, China, Eastern Europe, Zimbabwe, Guyana, India, Nicaragua, Brazil, Cuba and South Africa.  The council is considering adding Israel, Haiti and the Philippines, and will begin the expansive work of building new understandings of community and Shalom with the countries to be added.