Deaf Ministries

Deaf Ministries provides weekly worship that is culturally relevant and linguistically accessible to the Deaf, and Deaf-Blind communities as well as the hard of hearing at Christ United Methodist Church of the Deaf in Baltimore and Magothy United Methodist Church of the Deaf in Pasadena.

Deaf Ministries employs a holistic approach to disciple-making by empowering previously marginalized people to design, implement and lead ministries of worship, congregational care, spiritual formation, and health. Worshippers and staff also serve as resource people and mentors to students in Deaf studies programs at area colleges and universities. American Sign Language students in local colleges and universities gain experience by interpreting worship for those hearing participants whose communication deficits include the inability to communicate effectively in ASL.

Deaf Ministries also reaches into the community by providing chaplaincy services to Foxwell Apartments, Maryland School for the Deaf and Gallaudet University.

An important part of Deaf Ministries is the Deaf Shalom Zone that is housed at Christ UMC of the Deaf. The Deaf Shalom Zone, Inc. empowers the culturally Deaf and Deaf-Blind in and around Baltimore through advocacy, case management, education, and referrals regardless of their faith tradition or affiliation. It also provides both a food pantry and a clothes closet.

Learn about signing religious terms in the United Methodist American Sign Language Video Glossary