Living Well Retreats

The Center for Vital Leadership Announces the Living Well Initiative

A seven-month program offers clergy the opportunity to take ministry to the next level

What do you do when you want to take your ministry to the next level? Working harder isn’t the answer. Even working smarter only takes you so far. The witness of faithful Christians over the ages has shown that time apart for reflection and renewal helps gain the needed perspective to see things differently and find the best way forward. The Living Well Program does just that.

The program is comprised of two retreats as well as monthly cohort meetings between the retreats to process learnings and support one another throughout this journey. 

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Living Well is a seven-month program designed for you to: 

  • Develop a holistic understanding of your life and ministry through a focus on personal healing and wholeness
  • Journey with other clergy who desire a deeper connection to God and one another.
  • Develop a personal development plan, which includes the steps you'd like to take to make incremental and significant improvements in the aspects of life and/or ministry that you've identified during the program.
  • Strengthen your faithfulness to Jesus and give you resources to walk more deeply with the Divine.

Living Well is centered around the Living Compass self-assessment, which helps you to understand how well you’ve been paying attention to the four areas of a holistic life:

  • Heart (emotions and relationships)
  • Soul (spirituality and rest/play)
  • Mind (vocation and organization)
  • Strength (care of body and stress)

The Living Well process includes a journal for reflection on what you discover about yourself. Download a sample of the Living Well Journal, or preview the sample to the right.

The $700 registration fee, matched by the Baltimore-Washington Conference covers the full cost of the two retreats, the seven-month journal, and review instruments designed to create a personalized pastoral development plan. Scholarship funds are available.

This program is open to all clergy, both licensed and ordained. 3.3 CEUs will be offered.

Register now for one of the following Living Well Cycles for 2022-2023:

1. Pecometh Camp Cycle (Centreville, MD)

    • Alpha Retreat on August 23-25, 2022
    • Omega Retreat on March 14-16, 2023
    • Monthly cohort meetings from August to March
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    2.  Manidokan Camp Cycle (Knoxville, MD) 

      • Alpha Retreat on September 27-29, 2022
      • Omega Retreat on April 18-20, 2023
      • Monthly cohort meetings from September to April
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      3.  West River Camp Cycle (West River, MD) 

        • Alpha Retreat on October 25-27, 2022
        • Omega Retreat on May 2-4, 2023
        • Monthly cohort meetings from October to May
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        Questions? Contact Amanda McMurtrey.

        Reawakening your Heart – was held Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020 with Rev. Andy Peck-McClain

        Relationships are at the heart of our being. This retreat will explore our relationship with God, others, and ourselves as we draw from the wisdom of Howard Thurman, John O'Donohue, Lerita Coleman Brown, and others. There will be time to journal, reflect in small groups, and make space for your own spiritual practice.

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        Renewing your Soul – was held Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020 with Rev. Nick Bufano

        In order to listen for the voice of God, we must engage in Sabbath, balancing work, rest, and play. During this retreat, we will use the words of Wayne Muller, Renita Weems, and Parker Palmer to frame and guide our time together. There will be time for personal reflection, attentive listening for the Spirit, and small group discussion.

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        Reviving your Strength – was held Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020 with Rev. Twanda Prioleau 

        Are you finding it hard to physically keep up with the demands of ministry? If your answer to this question is, "yes," then this retreat is for you. Care for our body is just as important as caring for our heart, soul, and mind. In this retreat, we will talk about increasing our body's resilience to stress, finding our "rhythms of rest," and finding time to care for our bodies as we care for our souls. Healthy clergy make healthy congregations. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says, "Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies." 

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        Renewing your Mind – was held Tuesday, Oct.  20, 2020 with Rev. John Nupp

        Step away from your regular daily pattern to re-discover the abundant mercy of God in your world. We will take a journey into Romans 12:1-2, to "renew our minds in mercy" in the morning. In the afternoon, we will practice several time-tested disciplines for re-framing our place in God's story.

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